Thanks Y’all!

Virtual hugs and high fives all around.   Retail is a little cattywampus right now. All the customs and traditions of gift-giving and life celebrations have been turned upside down.   An uncertain future is scary for us and the previously bustling Homewood, Alabama neighborhood where we work. Store sales have sluggish as people are slowly […]

Unique Housewarming Gifts for Foodies

During the busy days of moving and unpacking, thoughtfully chosen foods can help them stock the kitchen or give them sustenance during long days. Not sure what to send? Here’s your cheat sheet. The following ideas are the favorites of thousands of customers. Use their expertise and good taste to send something special today. At […]

Unique Food Gifts for Diabetics

Low sugar food ideas don’t mean the end of great taste. Food gifts for diabetics can be delicious and delectable. While everyone else is enjoying holiday goodies, food gifts for diabetics for the holidays can have the same full flavor and satisfaction. Consider a gift package with our favorite low sugar goodies. Nuts are a […]

Unique Desk Top Gifts

In a quandary for gifts for the executive man? Dress up his desktop with hand-crafted specialties to accessorize in style. Distinctive accents can go a long way in expressing his good taste. Thoughtful gifts for executive style can add exquisite details to his time in the office. Hand-crafted sealed copper cuff links are for the […]

Unique Birmingham Souvenir Ornaments

Your visit to the Magic City isn’t complete without an ornament to commemorate your trip. Birmingham Alabama Christmas ornaments are an annual reminder of fun times and great experiences in Birmingham. For someone who has just settled in Birmingham ornaments are unique mementos. Birmingham icon, Vulcan, the world’s largest cast iron statue, stands vigil over […]

Unique Gifts for Outdoorsy People

As we move into fall, the cooler air means more outdoor adventure, camping and weekend wanderlust.  Alabama is filled with pristine forests, panoramic lakes and scenic mountains. The outdoors of Alabama are wild and beautiful and full of awaiting adventure. Go wandering with new gadgets from Alabama Goods, or find a gift for friends who […]

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