Favorite Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

Spruce up outdoor spaces from patios to apartment balconies with beautiful budget ideas. Of course, outdoor spaces are more inviting with simple touches of nature. Invite birds to the party with these hand crafted bird feeders. The fly through feeder is a pottery creation while the hummingbird feeder is an upcycled beer bottle.

Just add bird seed to this fly through bird feeder.
Alabama Made Fly Through Bird Feeder
A blue beer bottle is upccyled into this charming hummingbird feeder and casts stunning shadows.
Alabama upcycled hummingbird feeder

This charming swinging pot is a quick and easy backyard renovation idea. As it a happens, you can use it to plant your favorite flowers, greenery or herbs. The cute pot body sits on a swing, complete with legs and arms to hold the ropes.

This pot is adorned with arms and legs and exhibits childhood joy.  The legs float freely and the arms grip tight.
Alabama pottery for patio and garden

This teardrop vase is a simple and beautiful way to display yard cuttings on a patio table. Consequently, it’s perfect for a simple stem or small spray.

This dainty teardrop shape vase shows off yard flowers in a single stem or small bunch.
Gorgeous vase from downtown Homewood store

Backyard gardeners agree, these Faith’s Earth Art vessels are the best way to reconnect with nature every morning. Try the flower mug or the equally elegant butterfly tumbler. Stoneware is great for hot and cold beverages and the bright colors will perk up your kitchen and your mood.

Several kinds of colorful flowers adorn this Alabama pottery mug.
Alabama made flower pottery Mug
Enjoy this charming butterfly tumbler.
Alabama Pottery Butterfly Tumbler

In addition, grow fresh herbs in the kitchen and make quick cuts with this hand formed pottery dish. The main vessel has a hole for drainage and tray to keep counters tidy. Inside is glazed for easy cleaning.

Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen all year with this Alabama ceramic dish.
Alabama made gift herb garden

Find inspiration for your backyard gardens and patio ideas with hand crafted products from Alabama Goods.

Alabama Goods is a locally owned retail store in Homewood, Alabama specializing in Alabama made products. Each item reflects our state’s warm character and creative spirit. When buying from Alabama Goods, you are supporting local artisans, craftsmen, and food makers. Shop in store or online for distinctive Alabama made gifts.
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