Secrets to Picking the Best White BBQ Sauce

We proudly say that Alabama invented and perfected the white BBQ sauce. Historically it has been used for white BBQ chicken but, as white BBQ sauce recipes have expanded, it has become a staple in the Alabama kitchen. In addition to the white BBQ sauce chicken from the grill, try it with vegetables, as a dip with fries or with seafood. At my house, we pour it over baked potatoes (instead of sour cream) and add all the yummy toppings. Need help picking one? We can help you find a favorite.

Big Bob Gibson is the original white sauce for BBQ from Decatur, AL. It’s a delicious vinegar based sauce that has been perking up chicken sin the 1920’s.

Big Bob Gibson from Decatur, AL

Alabama Sunshine White BBQ Sauce and Full Moon White BBQ Sauce have a creamy mayonnaise base. This difference results in a thicker sauce with a creamier texture. Both are a good choice if you use the sauce on a sandwich or as a dipping condiment. Pick Full Moon for a mild taste or Alabama Sunshine for a mild cayenne after-burn.

Jim and Nicks Morgan County Sauce includes plenty of black pepper for a peppery goodness on your food. If you like spices, you will appreciate Bully Sauce. You can taste the unique flavor of the garlic, onion and smokey-ness of this customer favorite white sauce.

Mr. P’s White Sauce includes brown sugar in the recipe. You will appreciate its sweetness if you lean toward honey BBQ tastes.

Whether you are grilling or cooking in the kitchen, Alabama white sauce is a simple dinner secret for chicken, shrimp and vegetables. There are so many twists in this favorite Alabama white sauce. Try one today and let us know what you think.

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