Secrets to Picking the Best Cheese Straws

Alabama has long been the cheese straw capital of the world. Many families have their favorite cheese straw recipe. Cheese straws are baked, straw shaped savory goodies, and are traditionally made from cheddar cheese with a hint of cayenne. Use them as snacks and appetizers and delicious toppings to salads and soups. There are many variations on the Alabama cheese straw. Let us help you find a favorite.

Montego Joe’s cheese straws are a traditional favorite. The spice is just a hint and the texture is crunchy and satisfying.


Cheese Straws! by Donna are a thin, ribbon-like goodness. The thinness makes them super crunchy. They are great for those who like a hearty, crunchy snack or want to crumble savory flavor over soup or salad.

Donna cheese straws.png

Merry Cheese Crisps are a round button snack with a texturized top. They are buttery, with a melt in your mouth deliciousness.


Joyce’s Cheese Straws are the hands-down customer favorite. We ship them by the case all over the country. She bakes a pastry type cheese straw with a very light texture and a very mild cayenne finish.


Betsy’s Cheese Straws has dramatically expanded the cheese straw recipe. Not only will you find a good traditional cheddar, but also many other flavors, including pecan, chive and hot. Or, try the distinctive taste of blue cheese in this line of snacks.


If you haven’t tried this Alabama wonder, you owe it to yourself to find a favorite today.


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