Don’t Miss out! 5 Alabama Foods with a Cult Following

Foodies agree that there are some food staples in Alabama that you can’t live without. If you are lucky enough to live in Alabama, you have easy access. Transplanted Alabamians have these staples shipped by the boxful.

Cheese straws are a Southern delicacy, and Joyce’s recipe quickly rises to the top. The texture is light and pastry-like with a hint of cayenne flavor to finish. People buy a dozen boxes at a time – really!


Ollie’s BBQ Restaurant started serving in 1926 with their spicy, thin, vinegar-based sauce. It was one of the original BBQ restaurants in Birmingham and locals still crave the famous sauce.


Redneck Bubble Bath is a classic gift for southern and northern rednecks alike. For those who like a funny Alabama gift, prepare the beans as directed and add the accent Tabasco sauce to make your own bubbles in the bath.


Like the Alabama red dirt, Dixie Dirt rub has a color and flavor all its own. You will find so many ways to use this rub, from steaks and chicken to shrimp and vegetables. Alabamians just can’t get enough. Haven’t tried it yet? You owe it to yourself and you will become a raving fan too.

Dixie Dirt

Do people actually go to a BBQ restaurant for biscuits? Heck yeah, when it’s Jim N Nicks cheese biscuits. They are served fresh and hot with every meal and baked in mini size so you can eat several- and everyone does. Use their mix at home and add fresh ingredients. You’ll swear you were in the restaurant.


If you find yourself in the shops on 18th Street in Homewood or just looking for unique Alabama gifts for foodies, let us help you find your favorite Alabama food.

Alabama Goods is a locally owned retail store in Homewood, Alabama specializing in Alabama made products. Each item reflects our state’s warm character and creative spirit. When buying from Alabama Goods, you are supporting local artisans, craftsmen, and food makers. Shop in store or online for distinctive Alabama made gifts.
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