5 Smart Hostess Gifts for Travelers

The summer travel season has officially begun. There are so many reasons to travel with a hospitality gift:

  • You are visiting friends and family on a road trip or an international airplane ride and they are showing you around
  • You will be a house guest on your vacation
  • Your bestie is letting you use their beach condo or lake house

Say thank you (and encourage another invitation) when leaving Sweet Home Alabama for summer vacation.

We love these gifts for what they are not. They are not heavy. They are not expensive and they are not fragile. Tuck them in your carry on or stash them in your glove box when you hit the road.

T-shirts and hats are so squishable and packable. Alabama turns 200 this year so celebrate with 1819 Established t-shirt or trucker hat.  The Alabama Dirt Shirt is a hit with outdoorsy types and gardeners. Aviate’s classic BHM t-shirt and hat pays homage to our special airport code. For those who appreciate unique craft beers and local ale, the Local Brews shirt is a classic souvenir.

locally est al shirt      Evan4  Aviate    Aviate Hat

The Alabama Icon Towel is 29 x 29 and complements any kitchen. It features the symbols of the state of Alabama and is made from 100% cotton flour sack fabric.  Or try our embroidered Birmingham dish towel, featuring Birmingham stitched inside the outline of Alabama.

Alabama Icon Towel

Our classic leather mouse pad features a diminutive imprint of Alabama and will be a useful reminder of your visit.


Your host/hostess will appreciate these car coasters. (Get a set for yourself if you are planning a road trip.) They sit in the bottom of the cup holder in your car to absorb condensation and keep the cup holders clean. Genius! They come stamped with the shape of Alabama and the small notch makes them easy to remove.


Appreciation packs so easily with travel hostess gifts from Alabama Goods. Alabama t-shirts, Alabama ball caps, kitchen towels, Alabama leather mouse pad and clay car coasters are all creative ways to share Southern hospitality with friends and family when traveling.

Alabama Goods is a locally owned retail store in Homewood, Alabama specializing in Alabama made products. Each item reflects our state’s warm character and creative spirit. When buying from Alabama Goods, you are supporting local artisans, craftsmen, and food makers. Shop in store or online for distinctive Alabama made gifts.
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