11 Useful (and Yummy) Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teaching is one of the toughest (and most rewarding) professions we can think of – it takes planning, patience, and love to support their students and help them thrive. Have you ever had a teacher who changed your life? Do your kids come home raving about something new they learned that day? Did a professor spark a new interest for your college student?

This month, Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th. Don’t forget to take time to thank teacher for all they do! We’ve rounded up 11 easy gifts, all approved by a former teacher and principle. (She gave us an A+.)

mama's secrets
Mama’s Secret Cookies ($9.99)
We won’t tell if you don’t – Mama’s Secret Wedding Cookies are a delicious treat for your teacher with a sweet tooth. Perfect cookie texture and pecan bits are dusted lightly with powdered sugar to make magic.
Get them here: Mama’s Secret Cookies

wood pen
Wood Turned Pen ($23.00)
What teacher doesn’t love a good pen? Don Freriks of Birmingham, Alabama uses his love of wood turning to create handsome and unique writing pens. Don begins the process using a block of wood, turning it on a lathe while hand chiseling the wood, then sanding it to perfection. Black ink, ballpoint (Cross 7 mm insert).
Get it here: Wood Turned Pen

tote Funky Flowers Tote ($19.99)
A soft, cotton, cross-body bag embellished with cotton flowers and Love writing. Perfect for books, overnight essentials, or a quick trip to the market. Bag is 16″tall, (38″ including the strap), 13″ wide and 3″ deep. Flower colors may vary.
Get it here: Funky Flowers Love Tote

tiny tray Tiny Tray ($16.00)
A tiny tray is great for holding paperclips, erasers, or rubber bands in the classroom, or rings and coins at home! Potter Shelleigh Buckingham makes these lovely pottery tiny trays right here in Birmingham. They are designed with a botanical literally pressed into the wet clay. Ferns, clover, dandelions – all sorts of native plants. Glazes and plant imprint will vary. 3″ x 4 1/4″.
Get them here: Tiny Tray

joyce cheese straws
Joyce’s Cheese Straws ($8.99)
These handmade cheese straws are the perfect lunch addition or post-school snack. Extra sharp cheese and spices make them authentic and awesome. Locally made in Selma, Alabama.
Get them here: Joyce’s Cheese Straws

wooden notebook
Wooden Notebook Cover ($20.00)
Help your teacher stay organized with Wooden Notebook Covers from Leldon’s Wooden Art in Cullman. Makin’ wood look good since 1997. A cover holds one composition notebook (included), and measures 8″ by 11″.
Get it here: Wooden Notebook Covers

heel balm
Spa Day Heel Balm ($10.00)
This emollient Spa Day Heel Balm is the perfect solution for the teacher on their feet all day. Made by Garden Honey Bee, this heel balm is made with sweet almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, oil, honey and Vitamin E. Rub it on at bedtime and let it do its miraculous work on tired, dry feet! Heel Balm comes in amazing scents such as Beach, French Honeysuckle, and Milk and Honey.
Get it here: Spa Day Heel Balm

State Carpet Coasters ($9.99)
These State Carpet Coasters are made of scrap carpet, that would be discarded if not made into coasters. They are highly absorbent and don’t stick to the glass. These will become your favorite! Because a variety of carpets are used, each set will be different. Each set includes 4 coasters.
Get them here: State Carpet Coasters

shower gel
Cotton Bloom Shower Gel ($12.50)
You don’t have to be a teacher to enjoy a hot shower at the end of the day. Pamper your teacher with Cotton Bloom shower gel. Comes in a generous 16oz. bottle, and features scents such as Pink Champagne and Rosemary Mint. You can also shop Cotton Bloom lotions, milk bath, and body scrubs here.
Get it here: Cotton Bloom Shower Gel

brittle Peggy’s Pecan Brittle ($5.25)
This is our favorite brittle. Pecan not peanut (though she makes that too)! You won’t break a tooth on this thin, delicate candy made in Luverne, AL.
Get it here: Pecan Brittle

bookmark Pottery Bookmark ($12.00)
Potter Shelleigh Buckingham crafts these lovely pottery bookmarks. Each has a unique bauble at each end. Glazes and baubles will vary as no two pieces are alike. 13″ long.
Get it here: Pottery Bookmark

Alabama Goods is a locally owned retail store in Homewood, Alabama specializing in Alabama made products. Each item reflects our state’s warm character and creative spirit. When buying from Alabama Goods, you are supporting local artisans, craftsmen, and food makers. Shop in store or online for distinctive Alabama made gifts.
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